The datacenter is located in the Chicago Board of Trading Building (CBOT). The CBOT is a one of the worlds largest financial institutions and is fully redundant in its power supply and communications other amenities include elaborate security and surveillance systems.

1. Redundant and Precision Power

The Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) is the only building in Chicago to draw power from 6 different city substations which virtually ensures a continuous and reliable power supply. As one of the largest financial centers in the world, the CBOT’s power supply is fully redundant. In addition, all power from the building passes through onsite Liebert Precision Power unites before reaching any servers.

2. 24x7x365 Manned Security and Video Surveillance

The security in the CBOT is very extensive, including Security Guards and Video Surveillance throughout the building. In addition the building is patrolled by Chicago Police Officers. All Tenants of the building must have proper identification including photo I.D. to gain entrance to the building. All visitors must show proper identification and sign in at the Guards desk before gaining access to the building. A pass from the Office Of The Building is need to take any and all equipment out of the building.

3. Fire Suppression System

Inside the datacenter there is an early fire detection system. In case of a fire HALON gas fire suppressant is used to distinguish fire, which will not harm any electronic equipment.

4. Airconditioning and HVAC

The datacenter is utilizing three 15 ton Liebert air-conditioning units. Cold air comes though the raised floor to ensure proper and even cooling distribution.

5. ISP POP (point of presence)

Chicago board of trade has build infrastructure of fiber optic raisers throughout its building which ensures easy delivery of any of many ISPs that are present in the building. Currently has POP of COGENT and Level3 at their premises. Following networks are also available in CBOT and can be delivered to the datacenter within couple days if needed :