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About GR-Linux.net

We have started with the bot sharing project on July 2003, which provided IRC users with shared eggdrops for free. As we would like to extend our services, we have started providing this service for IRC “Internet Relay Chat” use. From our shell accounts you will be able to configure your IRC bots in order to protect you channels.

Moreover, users will have access to the very popular irc client for linux; BitchX and also we provide the latest compiled version of eggdrop bot, which can be installed in just a few seconds.

Our IRC server is running Fedora Core 2 on an AMD Semptron 2400+ processor with 512 MB RAM. The server is connected to internet through a 100 Mbps BGP network from LEVEL3, as main, and Cogent, as backup.

Last, in order to protect our system we run scripts to monitor number of processes each user uses, memory and cpu usage of each process, etc.

Likewise, we extended our services by providing users with web hosting plans and backup mail services. We have seperate servers for IRC and WEB hosting solutions in order to keep these services separated for security and performance reasons.

Our webserver is also running Fedora Core 2 on an AMD XP 2400+ processor with 768 MB RAM. The server is connected to internet through a 100 Mbps BGP network from LEVEL3 and Cogent as backup.

As our policy is availability, all our servers are being monitored by HyperSpin 24x7x365 with an interval of 1 to 5 mins (IRC & Web Servers have 1 min Interval, Rest of our servers have 5 mins Interval).


[2005-01-05] – Upgrades: Kernel upgrade is finished in our Web Server. IRC Server will be upgraded by Jan 9th, 2005. Upgrade takes 15-30 minutes and reboot will be required.

[2005-01-04] – News: We will have a new irc server, by February 2005, located in Europe in order to provide IRCD shell accounts in Europe plus a backup solution for IRC shell accounts for a small fee. For more information please contact our Sales Department.

[2005-01-02] – News: Happy New Year to ALL. By the end of this month we will provide sone IPV6 Public VHosts for experimental use (we cannot warranty Quality of Service for IPV6 addresses).

[2004-12-28] – Info: At GR-Linux.net we are committed to provide you all with affordable and reliable services. All these can be checked out with our public statistics for our servers and also from our forum. We wish you all to have a very Happy and Peaceful New Year. *****IMPORTANT***** Do not forget our great offers (until January 15th, 2005).

[2004-12-27] – News: We have implemented MRTG statistics for our Web and IRC servers. Statistics includes CPU Load Average, Network Traffic, Running Processes, TCP Connections and Uptime. All these are available to everyone

[2004-12-24] – News: We have finished with the migration to our new IRC Server. Grace period of 2-3 weeks was given to all existing customers to trasfer their processes in the new server. Old server will be shutdown on Dec. 30th, 2004.

[2004-12-20] – Upgrade: We have been notified that on December 22nd, 2004 at 12:00 AM CST LEVEL3 uplink will be moved to another router. The maintenance will take about 2 hours. All trafic will be re-routed through Cogent upstream.

[2004-12-17] – Upgrade: We have upgraded our web server with another 256 MB of RAM.

[2004-12-15] – Upgrade: Our new IRC Server is up and running. All our existing customers were informed via e-mail to transfer all their data to new server. New server will be up and running until 24-Dec-2004.

[2004-12-01] – Site Upgrade: We have installed an electronic invoice system, so that all our customers can see the status and information of their orders and payments.

[2004-11-28] – New Service: We will start offering GeoTrust SSL certificates at low prices (QuickSSL Premium for 160 Euros for 1 Year).

[2004-11-27] – Upgrade: We are proceeding with the change of our IRC server. Our new server will be connected to 100Mbps port to BGP network of LEVEL3, as main, and Cogent, as backup. Server will be ready in 7 days and after that all old users will be able to transfer their accounts to the new one. The old server will be disconnected on 02-Jan-2005.

[2004-11-26] – Special Offer: Only for the next two months we offer you November2004 Special IRC Shell Account with: 5 Background Processes, 50 MB Quota, 1 Login Name, 2.5 CPU & MEM Usage. All these for only 15 Euros for 3 Months.

[2004-11-24] – Upgrade: Our IRC Server will be upgraded with a new one that will have faster CPU and 100 Mbps network connectivity to LEVEL3 and Cogent. Upgrade will be done by end of January.

[2004-11-23] – Upgrade: Today we have upgraded our web site. Future upgrades will include EURO to US Dollar exchange rates and also pages in Greek.

[2004-11-20] – Downtime: Electrical Maintenance was completed. IRC Server had a downtime of 2h 45m. Our WEB Server had a downtime of 5h 15m due to late response from hepdesk of datacenter.

[2004-11-18] – Downtime: On Nov 20, 2004 there will be an Electrical Maintenance of the datacenter from 14:00 – 16:00 CST.

[2004-11-14] – Upgrade: Web Server was upgraded. New server has network connectivity of 100Mbps from LEVEL3 and Cogent.

Welcome to GR-Linux.net!

At GR-Linux, we provide irc shell accounts (eggdrops, bncs, ircds) at low prices. We are connected to the internet through 2 network providers (LEVEL3 and Cogent communications), thus maintaining a reliable connection to the internet (99.5% uptime). Our servers are located in Chicago/USA in CBOT building of commerce.

Moreover, here you can find value for money fast and reliable web hosting solutions for all needs. Our server runs CPanel which makes management of your domain very easy. Furthermore, we provide reseller web hosting accounts, managed by WHM. All reseller accounts allow overselling, allowing resellers to start their reselling company easier.

Likewise, we continue providing solutions with our backup e-mail servers. Our backup e-mail servers receive your e-mails in the event that a message has difficulty being delivered to your own server, due to temporary network outages or server maintance, etc. All these for as little as €20 per year.

Furthermore, as GeoTrust’s official resellers, we provide SSL Certificates, True Bussiness IDs and much more. For more more information please check our site or contact Sales Department.

Last, for our more advanced customers we provide unmanaged dedicated servers located in Chicago/USA. This service is provided only to customers that will pay through Greek bank transfers.

Just apply for one of our services if you are interested for value for money fast and reliable internet hosting solutions. Your are just a few “clicks” away!

You can use Paypal and Western Union to make payments. However, all our Greek customers can use bank transfers as their payment method.